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Kyustendil  – Bulgaria  –   Excellent


 10 minutes drive by car / bus  to centre of   Kyustendil

minutes by  car  / bus from  the  Osogovo ski resort

hr 15 minutes by car / bus to  Bansko ski resort 


This property is now also being sold by one of Bulgaria’s biggest estate
agents  and has been independently valued at
12,000  euros !! 

Check out for
yourself and research online
strong property prices are in the Kyustendil area …..  It’s all about location
, location , location !! I challenge anyone to find a piece of land this cheap
in the  Kyustendil area !!!        


As this house is not inhabited and  the electric / water are
not  connected / switched on yet, this means you don’t have
to pay any  taxes or utility bills !!!
    So if you are not ready
to start the project just yet, it wont cost you a penny

House living  area  =  90
+ sq.m

The house has great potential and would make a wonderful
home  but will need someone willing to put in the time and effort to complete
it .  It’s like a blank canvas  and is ready to be done exactly the way you want
it .. 

The property is based in Region of Kyustendil in south-
western Bulgaria part of Bulgaria. Situated at the foot of the Ossogovska
Mountain, Kyustendil (ancient Pautalia) is one of Bulgaria’s best known spa

The climate is temperate continental with a Mediterranean
influence. Mountains, and pine-tree forests surround the area and create
excellent conditions for tourism and sports.

This is a two floor house with total 4 rooms overlook  nice
panoramic view to the wonderful mountains.

There is electricity and running water in the yard ready to be


Things To Do Kyustendil

The  spring festival held in Kyustendil  every year …   Every year
Miss Spring is crowned..


This years winner was Beatrice Katzarova is similar to the Bulgarian /
Canadian actress Nina Dobrev !! (Vampire Diaries )  Remind me why I’m  selling
this property again ? :))) 





Treat yourself to a
weekend stay at a world class health spa in 










Hiking Trails and Trips in

Seven Lakes






The ski
resort  of Osogovo  …
 (22 km  / 13.5 miles )  20 minutes by 
car  / bus







The  famous
Bansko ski resort 
is only  55 miles
away.   (1 hr  15  minutes drive)








You have literally  everything you could ever ask for here from spa’s
/ outdoor pools  , Mediterranean heat  for a great suntan .. You have top ski
resorts near by , you have excellent nature for hiking  / fishing /  biking.  
 There are lots of historic / ancient buildings to explore , museums , festivals
, night-life and restaurants.




The buying and Legal


You will require a Lawyer.   

I have a lawyer who deals with all my affairs in Bulgaria..  They  have a
power of attorney and  are able to sign and complete a deal or any legal
matters.   Contact  me If  you want them to help you with the legal
buying process .  They usually charge me about 300 euros to complete a property

I personally would advise you to find  your own  Bulgarian lawyer  so
there is no conflict of interest. 

Once you have a lawyer and happy  with the deeds ,  my Lawyer’s will draw
up and  send you / your Lawyer a  preliminary contract to


For the completion of the deal you have 2


1.  You fly out to Bulgaria and sign yourself.


2. You get a  power of attorney document in UK which allows  your
Bulgarian lawyer  to sign the contract on your behalf.





If you have any other questions just ask ….    Many thanks for looking



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